Cyber Training

We offer customized programs that combine lectures, labs, simulations and gaming techniques to educate your staff, developers, and security operations center (SOC) teams about the hacker mindset, motivations, processes and methodologies. Our programs typically focus on one of the following areas:


Security Awareness 

While employees have login credentials and access to critical data, they frequently lack the requisite awareness for effective cybersecurity. This can make employees easy prey for the hacker and cybercriminal. Our security awareness training is designed to raise your employees’ awareness about a variety of techniques the hacker uses to compromise networks’ defenses.


OT Security

In this training program, our white hat hackers share knowledge about the offensive security world and present information about various types of attacks on operational technologies. After completing this training, your technical teams will better understand how hackers identify and exploit product vulnerabilities so that they can develop more secure products.

Secure Coding 

This training program educates software developers about the importance of writing secure code and the ways hackers exploit code vulnerabilities. The session examines poorly-written code and compares it will well-written code to help developers understand the differences in the two approaches. After completing this training, developers should understand the negative consequences of vulnerable code and have some techniques to implement secure code during the development phase.


SOC Team Upgrading

This hands-on training simulates a range of network cyberattacks to highlight best practices, processes, and methodologies that Cybrella staff developed and implemented for one of Israel’s most successful security operations centers. The session allows SoC managers, engineers, and analysts to identify, analyze, and react to simulated cybersecurity threats so they can be better prepared for adversarial actions.

Application Security

This training, designed for software architects and developers, focuses on ways to make apps more secure throughout the lifecycle. With a particular focus on hackers’ tools, techniques, and methodologies, the session examines common app security flaws, ways to defend against them, and – through live demonstrations – shows how application attacks can be launched and defeated.