Holistic Cloud Security

We believe that a holistic approach to cloud security is the only approach to protect your cloud infrastructure, applications, and data from cyberthreats. We consequently offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you design, implement, and maintain the highest levels of cloud security. These services include:


Secure Architecture Design

We work with your team to understand your enterprise values, targets, financials, workflows, and anticipated future needs.  We then design a secure cloud architecture that considers these factors. We will also work with you to implement these designs and test the implementation to help mitigate any cyber risks.


Security Standards Advisory

ISO. HIPPA. PCI. DSS. GLBA. GDPR. These are just a few of the data security and privacy regulations that may be relevant to your industry and your business. We can help you navigate the rapidly changing rules to understand which regulations impact you and recommend appropriate certifications for your enterprise and staff. As part of our services, we can also help you update and adjust your workflows, policies, and network configurations to ensure ready compliance with the relevant standards.


Cloud Penetration Testing

Cybrella’s white hat hacking team employs techniques used by hackers with malicious intent to test the security of your cloud-hosted services and infrastructure. In this process, we identify security vulnerabilities and offer recommendations on ways to tighten your cybersecurity posture and mitigate risks.


Cloud Security as a Service

Cybrella’s subscription-based cloud security as a service offering repetitively tests your cloud-hosted services and infrastructure to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. Since Cybrella documents observed responses of your cloud provider (as well as those of your team) to such testing, the information can be used to ensure cloud Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met and that your team is following documented policies and procedures.